HomeGauge Product Q&A with Mike Rogers


Mike Rogers, Product & Engineering @ HomeGauge, joins for a HomeGauge product FAQ overview. He answers pre-submitted questions about the HomeGauge products, recent innovations, and what we’re busy working on for the future. In advance of this session, we highly recommend you check out the last Q&A with Mike.

As Mike answers frequently asked questions, he speaks about the learning curve with HomeGauge software. However, HomeGauge is working on making it as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Inspectors are detailed oriented and have a challenging job to do; we want to make it as easy as possible to catch everything. You shouldn’t have traps and hurdles within a software. With anything new that we are doing, we are trying to make it in as few steps as possible.

What’s happening in the inspector industry that HomeGauge is planning for?

  • If you’re a new inspector, you have to get certified, trained, a website, tools, and an LLC. It’s time-consuming and complicated.
  • We have a comprehensive toolset. We are trying to simplify everything and put it all under one roof.
  • We want it to be simple. It should cover all of your base needs.
  • Everyone is overworked. We are trying to streamline all the paperwork that needs to be done.
  • We want to help inspectors by giving them time back.

When a report is uploaded and sent to the customer, it gets sent to the spam folder. Could a text be sent to the customer?

  • We have the ability to notify customers via text. It’s not as streamlined as it could be.
  • We are looking at different options for communicating with inspectors and buyers.
  • There is a message hub we are looking to roll out.

What can be done to work with Dotloop?

  • The real estate market lives on pdfs.
  • We are working on getting partners like Dotloop.
  • There may be some pdf exchanges and other players like Dotloop that we are looking into.

Will the web-based version be iOS compatible?

  • Yes. It will work on desktop, mobile, and tablets. It will also work on iOS and Android when we have the app.

Will the web-based version allow for customization?

  • The initial release will not be customizable – which is a deliberate move.
  • There are a lot of bells and whistles that can be overwhelming.
  • The initial version is looking to make it as streamlined as possible.

Will the Android version have the ability to add arrows?

  • It is likely to be addressed with the new mobile app that comes out later in the year.

Do you have advice on using Dragon Speech?

  • It’s okay. It depends on your personal experience.
  • Personally, Mike says that Google understands him better.
  • He doesn’t think there’s a great solution out there.
  • We are looking at a way to record and use video transcriptions.

Are you able to simplify the loading process of videos?

  • We have increased storage in the platform.
  • We understand that everyone is working with videos right now. We are
  • making some infrastructure changes.

Mike Rogers on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikerogers79/
Email Dax: Dax@HomeGauge.com

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HomeGauge Product FAQ

Presenter: Mike Rogers, Product & Engineering @ HomeGauge