Working Session On Dashboard Redesign


In this session, we’ll be working with the group on some ideas we have for updating the buyer experience.

The buyer dashboard provides the buyer with the ability to:

  • Sign agreements
  • Make payments
  • View the report
  • Share the report
  • Create a CRL
  • Get additional value-added services

Mike walks us through the current experience of the buyer by visiting He reviews the property – immediately, the buyer needs to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. There is also a box to check if the buyer would like an insurance quote. Then, the buyer has the option to create a request list and see the inspection report. 

Next, Mike reveals the seven items under consideration to add to HomeGauge:

  • A messaging hub to communicate with inspectors and real estate professionals.
    • We are looking at ways to have everyone communicate the way they want to and have it all stored in one place.
    • As a buyer, there will be a chat feature. If the inspector were online, they would be able to respond. If the inspector is not online, they would be able to respond to it later. Also, if the inspector is not online – then the message can be forwarded via text.
    • This feature will be popular with new homebuyers – they often have questions when looking at a report for the first time.
  • Pricing and estimating enhancements to the report.
    • You have provided a report and flagged an issue with the property. The very next thing a homebuyer will ask is how much does it cost to get it fixed?
    • We want to provide estimates to the inspectors based on local data and what a typical repair would cost.
  • Updates to the format of the report.
    • We are working on two new templates.
    • We have worked with industry professionals and inspectors on coming up with the templates.
    • Should we provide more packaged templates, or should we provide more customizable templates? What things should we focus on when updating the reports? These are things we want feedback on.
  • Ability to add a video summary/walkthrough of the report.
    • We see lots of videos during COVID-19.
    • There are various liability issues we have to work through.
    • A video walkthrough is a relatively safe feature to offer. That way, the inspector can name things in their own words.
  • Improving the usability of the CRL feature.
    • Create a request list – the idea behind this is to list items that could potentially be a problem for the homebuyer. The realtor will have to provide the list to the lawyers. Typically, the realtor will cut and paste sections of the report. We have created the request list so the buyer can think about repairs or getting credits.
    • We are looking at ways to improve the workflow – right now, there’s a lot of clicks. Should this feature be more streamlined?
  • The ability to connect buyers with contractors in order to complete work on any concern items.
    • In addition to the pricing estimates, we can recommend three people to the homebuyer to make repairs. Through partners, we can find contractor options with price estimates to get the work done. It’s just a recommendation engine.
  • The ability of the inspector to upsell additional services such as follow up inspections and maintenance reports.
    • We see relators being able to add services.
    • Inspectors are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves in the field.
    • You want to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.
    • What other services could you provide to homebuyers?



Session Recording

Working Session On Dashboard Redesign

Presenter: Mike Rogers, HomeGauge