The Perspective of the Real Estate Agent with Rachel Kane and Teddy Burns


In this session, you will hear directly from realtors, Rachel Kane and Teddy Burns, about how inspectors can and have provided extra value to them.

How do you come across inspectors right now?

  • Rachel has been using the same inspectors for a couple of years now. Initially, it was from word of mouth and talking to other realtors. Once you get good with one agent, you get passed around to other agents.
  • Teddy uses other real estate agents to find inspectors. He has been using the same inspector for a few years now.

What clicks with you about continuing work with the same inspector?

  • It starts with the overall professionalism and having excellent customer service. Rachel wants her customers to be taken care of. Also, she appreciates inspectors who pull the clients along and help make it a teaching experience. It makes a huge difference when the client understands the process.
  • Teddy says that he wants an inspector who guides his clients from start to finish. He likes when inspectors take the time to educate first time home buyers. When they take the time, he knows they will be a substantial addition to the team.

What was your worst experience with an inspector?

  • Rachel says an inspector wasn’t letting her clients get involved in the process. He was quiet the whole time and didn’t really talk. At the end of it, Rachel’s clients had more questions than when they started.
  • Teddy says his worst experience was with an inspector who would act extreme to his clients. Teddy wishes he provided more context to his clients rather than all doom and gloom.

What was the best experience with an inspector?

  • For Rachel, the best experience with an inspector was someone who went above and beyond for her clients.
  • For Teddy, the best experience is someone who he can rely on. His favorite inspector is there fifteen minutes before every inspection to look at the exterior of the home.

What is a red flag for inspectors that would make you avoid them?

  • Some inspectors get a reputation for killing deals. Some houses should be red flags, but there are other houses where everything seems magnified. What could have been a conversation turns into a blow-up.
  • Online reviews are essential. If there are no online reviews, then that’s a red flag.
  • Some people don’t have social media profiles. However, it’s critical for inspectors to have an online presence.

How have things changed since COVID-19?

  • There is a massive shift to do everything online.
    In Illinois, they are still able to do showings in person. However, they still want to do more things on Facetime and Zoom meetings.
  • The market as a whole has slowed down.
  • Rachel’s office is down 53%.
  • Teddy has moved virtually to almost every aspect. The consumer has been very understanding.
  • We need to set expectations with the client and the inspector upfront.

Do you have advice for newer inspectors to get business?

  • Reach out to a brokerage and get in front of new realtors.
  • Pass out your card to new realtors.
  • Check out real estate networking groups in your area.

What are the reasons for not allowing realtors to double-end a deal?

  • In Illinois, you can represent the buyer and the seller. It is legal. However, it’s shaky territory and not allowed in some states.
  • It’s hard to fully represent the best interest of your client when both ends are your client.
  • Rachel isn’t a massive fan of doing it because she isn’t giving her clients everything that she should.
  • Teddy says its colossal liability. He has only been involved in one dual agency transaction.

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The Perspective of the Real Estate Agent

Presenters: Rachel Kane and Teddy Burns