HomeGauge Support Team with Suzie


Suzie will be introducing HomeGauge’s Support Team and clarifying how to contact us when you are in need of assistance. She will show you how to navigate our Support Center, demonstrate the first lesson in the HomeGauge Handbook, and discuss our new training program, which is designed to help home inspectors who have just joined HomeGauge find success.

Everyone gets a HomeGauge Dashboard. On HomeGauge, you log in with your username and password; then, you’re on the Dashboard. The best way to contact the support team is by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Then, click on the support center. There are a few avenues to communicate with the support center. A remarkable feature that was added six months ago is the chat. In the bottom right corner, you can access the chat feature. Plus, you can use the chat feature on your mobile phone.

The other area to communicate is an “ask us anything” email feature. Your questions will get answered very efficiently – the support team will respond as quickly as possible. Make sure to add as much detail as possible! Suzie recommends it for after-hour communication. If you call and leave a voicemail, it won’t be as fast as submitting a request. If there is something you have a question about, then let the support team know, and they will create an article for the page.

In the getting started section of the support center, there are loads of articles that explain the HomeGauge interface and everything you need to know about the platform. Even an existing user can check out these articles and learn something new. Plus, Suzie gives a sneak peek of the HomeGauge handbook. It is designed to get new users to learn the program efficiently. The first lesson just got published, and Suzie will publish the rest as they are ready.

Session Recording

The HomeGauge Support Team

Presenters: Suzie from Sales & Support