ScheduleNow Overview


In this session, Mike will be walking through everything related to our new FREE feature for subscribers, ScheduleNow. He will cover configuration, how to include it in emails, and more.

Benefits of an online scheduler:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Managed solution.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Integrates with your existing website.
  • Allows customers to schedule outside your business hours.
  • Organize your schedule while you sleep.
  • Minimize administration.

Why should I choose ScheduleNow?

  • Save money on multiple tools. Scheduling is included FREE with HomeGauge services and all subscriptions.
  • Google calendar integration ensures your appointments are manageable anywhere.
  • Stay organized. All your inspection details are in one place, from the appointment details to the agreements and the report.
  • Stop wasting time managing integrations between multiple tools. ScheduleNow is already integrated with your HomeGauge schedule.
  • Quit managing paper. Receive and manage inspection requests online.
  • Embed ScheduleNow into your existing website.
  • Boost traffic to your website with increased functionality.
  • Save over $300 annually against our competitors.

Then, Mike reviews how to configure ScheduleNow. There are ways to set your schedule where your clients cannot book less than 48 hours or more than 14 days in the future. You can alter the setting in whatever way you like it! Then, you can configure appointment slots. What times and days are you available each week? HomeGauge tried to make it as simple as possible for inspectors. Most inspectors wouldn’t do more than three inspections in a day. So, we came up with the idea of time slots. If you don’t want to work a particular day, then don’t put a time slot on that day.

Next, you need to find the template that you want for notifications. We are looking at providing confirmation messages via text messages to real estate agents and customers. Then, you have the opportunity to add the link to your schedule on your website. Later, Mike shows how the ScheduleNow feature looks to a homebuyer.

What is planned for the future?

  • Advanced service configuration.
  • Call center support.
  • More multi-inspector features.
  • Help drive what the next features are:

Question & Answer:

I want pricing by zip code, when will that be an option?

  • First, we are working on the price by service.
  • Then, we are working on the price by square footage.
  • We will need to work on the price by zip code.

Will there be customization features?

  • We reduced customization.
  • The key complaints we got that there were too many options and too many steps.
  • We don’t want too many steps to discourage someone from booking.

If we have a HomeGauge homepage, will this automatically be replaced by the existing version?

  • We are not automatically replacing it.
  • You have the choice to get it – contact the web team.
  • We are not forcing anyone to change.

How are you scheduling around mileage limits?

  • I will follow up with you offline.

Could the system pull up records based on the address?

  • Yes. We already use some information that we have available.
  • When you create a report and enter the address, we pull up all the information we have on the property.
  • We want to integrate that information into the scheduler as well.

Will it work when prices are calculated by both age and size of the home?

  • It can be difficult to list a service with an accurate price next to it.
  • We want it to be manageable for the buyer.

Does ScheduleNow synchronize with Google calendar?

  • Yes.
  • We look at the time slots available, and we look at what’s on your Google calendar.
  • If you have a birthday on your Google calendar, then a buyer won’t be able to book during that time.

When will pricing be available?

  • Depending on how complicated your pricing is, it will be supported in about four to six weeks when we have that feature out.
  • Look for future product updates.
  • If your pricing is super complicated, we should discuss that.

In this Session:

[ 7:30 ] Working Session on Dashboard Redesign with Mike Rogers
[ 1:08:30 ] ScheduleNow Overview with Mike Rogers

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ScheduleNow Overview

Presenter: Mike Rogers, HomeGauge