Report Writing with HomeGauge Software


In this session, you see highlights of the best features in HomeGauge desktop software for effective report writing and standing out above competitors. Shancy explains how to get the picture pages on a continuous pdf — all you need to do is click “append to previous.” That way, you can merge multiple pdfs into a straightforward single pdf.

Shancy dives deep into report building and explains how to exclude items automatically, and a way to automatically include certain items. Plus, Shancy reveals all the tips and tricks on how to efficiently write reports and the best ways to utilize the HomeGauge templates. Later, Shancy previews what the customer sees when it comes to your reports. Unfortunately, Shancy was not able to complete an entire report — she always underestimates how long it will take her!

Is there a keyboard shortcut for prewritten comments?

  • There is no keyboard shortcut.

Do you have to use column headers?

  • If you’re adding new comments to your template, it will always go to the summary.
  • Always pick a category for your comments!
  • In theory, you don’t have to use column headers if you don’t want to.

Do you have a recommendation for a 360 camera?

Is there a library of narratives you recommend?

  • HomeGauge comes with the narratives in there.
  • You might want to search for the InterNACHI narratives.

Session Recording

Report Writing with HomeGauge Software

Presenter: Shancy Marie Garrison, Business Relationship Manager @ HomeGauge