Overcoming Obstacles to Build Your Business


There are two things you can do to remove the obstacles in your business: overcome fear and apply a universal principle. Learn how to make the most of difficult times in this session.

Stephen opens up the show speaking about growing up on welfare and dumpster diving behind grocery stores for food. One day, Stephen had a huge dream and desire to build a treehouse. After being told it was impossible, Stephen knew he had to make it happen. One of the things Tony Robbins says is “it’s not the lack of resources; it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” Stephen knew people discarded old construction materials in some of the alleyways near his house. He found a door, a waterbed, old wood, and old furniture. After cleaning his garage, Stephen discovered enough nails and screws to start his project. Eventually, Stephen finished his treehouse and realized that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

You have probably had experiences in your life where you overcame crazy odds. Find a solution and be resourceful. Many of us will get in our own way. We can convince ourselves that we can’t do anything. For example, because the economy is terrible, we can’t grow our business. Have you convinced yourself of that? Recognize how you get in your way. It will allow yourself to overcome those thoughts. With your attitude and ideas, you can create circumstances that are outside what’s happening in your present time. 

Then, Stephen speaks about how children overcome obstacles. The goal of a baby is to walk and to talk. However, they don’t really do it that well. When a baby falls, we don’t call them a failure. Instead, we cheer them on! As adults, when we make a mistake, we start to associate ourselves with that mistake. We begin to think that we are bad at what we do, and we believe it is that way in our core. 

The only place where we have actual power is in the present moment; we have something called choice. Choice is one of the most important things we have. It gives us the ability to grow and choose. Plus, positive thoughts can change everything. You cannot be depressed if you stand up straight and smile. You can choose to feel differently – it takes effort and discipline, but it’s possible. Fear is merely putting faith in what you don’t want. 

In this Session:

[ 3:50 ] About Stephen Michael Miller
[ 17:50 ] You can accomplish anything you set your mind to
[ 27:30 ] How our children overcome obstacles
[ 36:50 ] How to grow who we are
[ 41:30 ] The power of positive thought
[ 49:30 ] Fear is putting faith in what you don’t want

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Overcoming Obstacles to Build Your Business

Presenter: Stephen Michael Miller