Marketing to Millennials, Boomers and GenX


If you understand your audience, you can engage them smarter, win more business, and provide a better service.

Who are they?

The Silent Generation: 1928-1945
Baby Boomers: 1945-1960
Gen X: 1961-1976
Xennials: 1977-1983
Millennials/Gen Y: 1984-1996
Gen Z: 1997-2012
(Gen C: 2012-?)

What about hipsters?

They are not a generation, but they are 25-36. So many individuals want to pull away from what is standard. The hipster movement has drifted into a common set of characteristics. 

Media Consumption During COVID-19

Gen Z and Millennials have turned to online videos, including TikTok and Twitch. Within 18 months of Twitch existing, it became the largest TV network in the world. TikTok allows you to create videos with original content or popular songs. They have more than 800 million users around the world. It’s not uncommon for people to become celebrities on TikTok. Plus, companies are starting to use TikTok to promote their businesses. While on the other hand, Gen X is all about broadcast TV and radio. Boomers are all about the broadcast TV, and not so much radio. 

Each generation will have a preferred method of communication, ranging from a formal letter to a hand-held communication device. We have to be ready for the newest generation to reach out to us in all sorts of ways that we haven’t even considered yet. At the very least, be prepared to reach out via text message and Facebook messenger. The younger crowd isn’t really on Facebook, but it’s a good starting point. 

Millennials avoid phone calls because they are time-consuming. They instead let the call go to voicemail and then text later. Millennials have been the butt of the joke; however, they are going to be a key component of your business. They will be turning 40 soon, and almost 40% of them have lost a parent. Millennials are not getting married, or they are waiting until their thirties. They are also sandwich generations – needing to take care of both their parents and their children. Now is the time to consider how you can cater to the needs of Millennials.

In this Session:

[ 19:25 ] Social Media Working Session with Chris Navin
[ 1:18:50 ] Benefits of InterNACHI Membership with Ben Gromicko
[ 1:49:10 ] Benefits of ASHI Membership with Jennifer Gallegos
[ 2:18:10 ] Don’t Try This At Home: Why You Should Really Let The Pros Build Your Website & Perform Your SEO with Sarah Dennis
[ 3:19:05 ] Marketing to Millennials, Boomers and GenX with Dax Hamman

Session Recording

Marketing to Millennials, Boomers and GenX

Presenter: Dax Hamman, CMO @ HomeGauge