Extra Care, Extra Value


As you hear us talk about Extra Care, I’m sure you’d like to know more about it and how it benefits you and your buyers. In this session, we speak about how it can set you apart from your competition, hear buyer testimonials, and we have a special Extra Care inspector as a guest to share his experience.

Eric opens the session by describing what exactly Extra Care is. It helps connect homebuyers with services. It started with a connection to homeowner’s insurance. Plus, it gives additional value to home inspectors. Homebuyers go through a lot of steps and red tape in order to buy a home. So, Extra Care was created to make the process smoother. It provides after-inspection help for homebuyers and realtors. Plus, Extra Care sets yourself apart from the competition, and it makes your clients happy. When you use Extra Care, you get free facts about homes you inspect so you can look like a wizard to your buyers.

Later, Dennis Kruger and Rebecca Laird dive deep into what Extra Care is like for the inspectors. Dennis has been in the program for about three years now; he has no objections at all! Dennis only brings up Extra Care at the beginning of the inspection and the. It’s minor, and he has nothing but good comments about it.

Is Extra Care in Canada as well?

  • Not yet. In the future, we want it to be.

Do you get a referral fee from the insurance company?

  • No, you do not.
  • The home inspector will never know who decides to get an insurance quote.
  • The insurance company and the buyer will have a separate relationship.
  • There is no way for the inspector to know; therefore, there is no referral fee.

What is the value for the inspector?

  • The value can come in many forms.
  • There is a value in providing an extra service to the homebuyer. This will distinguish you from other inspectors in the area. You will get more referrals as a result.
  • You must be opted into Extra Care to see the Extra Care content.
  • There will also be more information about the homes when you sign up for Extra Care. You will know more than your competition does about the homes.

Is Extra Care available in all states?

  • Insurance is complicated, and it’s heavily regulated.
  • In 2019, we launched in all fifty states.

Why do inspectors have to sign up?

  • We didn’t want to force than on any inspector.
    It is an option. A lot of inspectors want to participate, and some inspectors have a different opinion.
  • We don’t charge for Extra Care. You really are only signing up to say that you would like to be part of the program.

What is the value of Extra Care to HomeGauge?

  • We want to bring more inspectors to the HomeGauge platform.
  • Instead of being a simple software program, we want to empower our inspectors to get more business.
  • Extra Care is another buckle on your toolbelt to do your business well.

Session Recording

Extra Care, Extra Value

Presenters: Eric Orthey, Rebecca Laird, and Dennis Kruger, Extra Care Inspector