Don’t Try This At Home – Why You Really Should Let the Pros Build Your Website and Perform Your SEO


When a home has an electrical issue, you recommend that your customers hire a licensed electrician. When there’s something wrong with the plumbing, you suggest that they call a plumber. This presentation applies that same logic to your website – why try to build it and perform your own SEO when you can let the specialists at HomeGauge do it for you?

Building a website is hard work! SEO is difficult and time-consuming. It takes someone with knowledge in building websites and SEO. That’s why Sarah recommends you let a HomeGauge specialist work on your website for you. If you don’t use HomeGauge, they will still build your website and assist with SEO.

How do you get the best home inspection website?

  • You must stand out from your competition.
  • Your online presence is so significant.
  • The generation that is most likely to hire you will want to see a mobile-friendly website.
  • Your clients will want a way to schedule an inspection online.
  • It should be easy to get your contact info from your website.
  • Original content only. There is a sweet spot to hit with content – everything has to please both humans and machines simultaneously.
  • You can utilize a scheduling page. HomeGauge has recently received its online scheduling tool.
  • Have a sample report on your website.
  • If you have payments set up, then there can be a “pay here” button on your website.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If you were doing this on your own, you would need to devote a lot of time to it. Google’s algorithm is something that is constantly changing. One known constant is that Google wants you to add new original and relevant content to your website continuously. Blogs are a great way to get content on your website and improve your SEO. Blog posts are working for you, no matter how many people are reading them. Whenever you post a blog, Google will rediscover your website.

Session Recording

Don’t Try This At Home – Why You Really Should Let the Pros Build Your Website and Perform Your SEO

Presenter: Sarah Dennis, HomeGauge