Benefits of ASHI Membership


ASHI was founded in 1976 when a group of visionary home inspectors came together in pursuit of two goals:

  • The first goal was to increase consumer awareness about this relatively new occupation and demonstrate the value of a home inspection.
  • The second goal was to enhance the overall professionalism in this field of work, in order to cement its relevance within the real estate market.

ASHI saw the necessity of creating its own standard of practice that could clearly define what is required during a home inspection. The standard guides their members through all parts of their inspections.

ASHI Membership Levels:

  • Associate Member: obtain and maintain state license to practice home inspections, submit an application for membership online, and complete a background check.
  • ASHI Inspector: this level requires the National Home Inspector Examination or a valid state exam. Plus, ASHI requires a completed minimum of 75 home inspections and a report verification. The last part is going through an affidavit.
  • ASHI Certified Inspector Level: the highest level of ASHI membership. The National Commission will fully accredit you for Certifying Agencies. In this level, you must pass the National Home Inspector Examination. At this level, you need 250 home inspections.


  • ASHI Online Learning Center: over 140 courses to choose from. Many of the courses are approved for CE requirements.
  • ASHI Webinar Series: monthly webinar courses led by industry leaders that offer tips and expertise to help improve your business.
  • InspectionWorld: an annual conference held for home inspection professionals to gather, learn, and discuss the various topics of the home inspection industry. January 31st to February 3rd, 2021, the conference will be in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Member Benefits:

  • Find an inspector search tool: the ideal resource to help connect homebuyers with the right home inspector for their needs.
  • ASHI member profile customization: members can customize their profiles with all their business information to better market themselves to prospective clients coming to our site.
  • The ASHI Reporter: the monthly print magazine that covers the “news and views” from across the home inspection industry and beyond.
  • ASHI logo: you can use the ASHI logo to show your commitment to professional excellence.
  • Custom logo design: as a member, you will receive a service that creates a professional logo for your business.

Contact ASHI: or via phone at 847-759-2820.

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Benefits of ASHI Membership

Presenter: Jennifer Gallegos, ASHI