As of June 29th, 2020, our Support Team will be extending their support hours from 9am-5pm EST to 9am-8pm EST Monday through Friday, providing coverage for our West Coast clients, and those working into the evening. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • During these extended hours, you may chat via, email, or call our regular support line and just leave a voicemail with basic call back information. These extended hours include support for Software Sales, Technical Support, and Billing requests only.


  • For the first 60 days this service will be available exclusively to our Extra Care customers as part of a phased rollout plan. If you are not already an Extra Care member, you can opt in here


  • You may still leave a message during these extended hours if you are not an Extra Care member, however you may not receive a response until the following business day.


  • You may also find the answer to your question in our large selection of informational support articles at


We hope this extension provides a little extra time to get the support you need, from the team you trust.