CCPA is a new Consumer-focused law that helps consumers have more control over their personal data. (Read our previous statement on CCPA here).

Interestingly how companies have to follow CCPA rules depends in part on revenue. Given we are owned by a larger parent (American Family Insurance) we abide by these rules based on revenue. Even though we don’t have to do, we are using CCPA as our baseline for any policies. We’re one of the first companies in the inspection industry to adopt this law and provide our customers with this level of choice.

CCPA requires the use of very specific language, which you may have seen on our site and in our communications (e.g. “do not sell”). We do not sell our customer data (the inspector), or the buyer’s data. We do allow homebuyers to benefit from opportunities like homeowners insurance quotes, however their data is only provided to any other entity with permission in line with CCPA.

You can find out more about HomeGauge’s practices and opt-out of any of our programs via our privacy policy.